SEO Agency Are Now Accepting Crypto Currency as Payment… Cool Right?


Since their emergence in the new millennium, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ripple, and other crypto currencies have been used worldwide. Being acceptable modes of payment for the services of many SEO agencies is a major advantage. Fees for services such as social media marketing, content creation, reputation management, and link building can now be paid with these alternatives.

For most clients of SEO agencies, the acceptability makes an agency client-friendly – especially if they already have a stack of these virtual currencies ready. The expansion to include crypto currencies as a mode of payment introduces convenience to both an SEO company and its clients. With the promise of exchanges that are more efficient, both parties can function better. Bouncy Media SEO provides excellent services and rates – we’ve had the pleasure of working with them.




Faster Transactions


An SEO company that accepts crypto currencies can benefit from seamless cash flow. Although crypto currencies aren’t managed by a central repository, transfers can be processed safely.

With a shortened (i.e. much faster) payment cycle, an SEO company can provide SEO services instantly. Since your payment will be processed instantly, services can be delivered instantly, too!

Compared to indirect payment with the use of money sent via a check, direct payment via crypto currencies can lead to faster processing. Once a client initiates the virtual payment with a private key, the transfer is processed immediately.

Meanwhile, about 2 weeks is the waiting time involved when payment is made with a check. Since you need to consider the period between the time that you mail a check and the time it is received, the processing of payment can be time-consuming.

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No Transaction Fees


With different crypto currencies as acceptable modes of payment, an SEO company can attract more clients. Additional (i.e. the more, the better) modes of payment contributes to their client-friendly reputation. Alongside, this is also due to the waiving of transaction fees. Clients, especially those who are working with a tight budget, are more likely to approach a group that offers affordable quality SEO services.

For one, you’ll notice a big difference in the fees when paying with crypto currencies and with credit cards. When paying with crypto currencies, direct payment is allowed. When paying with crypto currencies, the involvement of a credit card company to facilitate the exchange is unnecessary.

On the other hand, settling a transaction fee is required when using a credit card. Fees that accompany credit card transactions usually range from 2.5% to 3%. For some people, especially those on large retainers, the total amount is rather costly.

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