Discover ChatGPT

This is an interactive ChatGPT prompt that helps you explore various advanced capabilities of AI and their corresponding specialist roles. By providing a letter from a pre-compiled table, you can receive tailored advice on how to implement a random idea related to the chosen AI capability. The advice will be in the form of three follow-up questions, as suggested by the associated specialist role. Once you receive these questions, you can pick one or come up with your own idea for further assistance. This prompt serves as a creative and engaging way to learn about different AI capabilities and their real-world applications.

hello chat, we are intrigued with ChatGPT. Could you compile a three-column table for us? We’d like the first column to contain letters, the second 10 of your more advanced capabilities, the third one the specialist role you would advice. After you’ve done this, give us a random idea. After this a we’ll give you a letter from the table, and we’d love for you to provide advice on how to implement the idea by giving us 3 follow up questions as would be advised by the associated specialist. Each question needs to include the full wording of the idea and the specialist role so I can use the advice directly. After the questions, ask the user to pick one question or come up with an idea. Thanks.

Junior Developer