Learn Any Language (Faster)

5 ChatGPT Prompts To Learn Any Language (Faster)

Just add in the language your wanting to learn.

# Prompt 1: Learn the basic phrases

Ask ChatGPT for a list of basic greetings, common expressions and basic questions.

Prompt: I am trying to learn \[TARGET LANGUAGE\]. Please provide a list of basic greetings, common expressions and basic questions that are used all the time.

### Example Prompt


### Example Response


## Prompt 2: Learn the basic vocabulary

Ask ChatGPT for a list of the most commonly used vocabulary. Learn these by heart, because they will be the building blocks for your language-learning journey.

Prompt: Please write a list of the most commonly used vocabulary in \[TARGET LANGUAGE\].
Leverage the Pareto Principle. I.e. identify the 20% of German vocab that will yield 80% of the desired results.
Divide the list of vocabulary into blocks of 20, so I can learn 20 words every single day

### Example Prompt


### Example Response


## Prompt 3: Learn vocabulary with context

When you’re trying to learn vocabulary, it often helps to see the word in a sentence. Ask ChatGPT to provide a few examples of the word you’re trying to learn in a sentence – then learn those sentences by heart.

Prompt: I’m trying to learn how to use the word ‘\[WORD\]’ in \[TARGET LANGUAGE\].
Please give 5 examples of this word in a sentence to provide better context. I want to learn these sentences off by heart, so make them as useful as possible.
Also, provide a bit of context as to what the word is.

### Example Prompt


### Example Response


## Prompt 4: Practice real-life scenarios

To learn a new language, it’s best to break it down into scenarios. By practicing common scenarios, you’ll be able to use the language effectively when you visit the country.

Some common scenarios include:

* Ordering food at a restaurant
* Asking for directions
* Going to the supermarket / market
* A medical emergency
* Using public transport
* Booking accommodation

Prompt: I want to practice the following real life scenario in \[TARGET LANGUAGE\]: \[SCENARIO\]
Please teach me the common phrases used in this common scenario. Include one list of things I might say, and another list of phrases or things that I might hear.
Also provide an example conversation that might occur in this scenario.

### Example Prompt


### Example Response



## Prompt 5: Conversation practice

Remember, ChatGPT is a chatbot. A great way to use ChatGPT to learn a language is to… chat. It’s not rocket science. Use the following prompt to spark a conversation with ChatGPT.

Prompt: I want to have a conversation with you in \[TARGET LANGUAGE\]. If I make any mistakes, please identify them. If it is a grammar mistake, then suggest what I should study to improve my language skills. Please write the corrections in English.

Please start the conversation.

### Example Prompt


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# Want to learn faster with ChatGPT?

Learning a language takes discipline and a lot of time. If you want to learn quickly, then there are certain techniques and strategies that have been scientifically proven to drastically reduce the time it takes to learn new skills.

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