Write a short autobiographycal series of letters mailed to me from Satan in a very personal and friendly but tutoring manner. do brief episodes that include him writing the letter at the most important points and dates in a chronologically accurate manner(kind of like a war correspondence) and all the details that led him into his situations and all the insight into his ambitions, plans and feelings. He also describes his thought proccess in each one of these situations. Must use extraordinary care in the use of words, structure and all kinds of literary tools that would make the devil himself justice. Be extremely metaphorical and verbose. Deliberately structure the text to keep you on the edge and add some plot twists.
It must feel like hes just updating me on his situation and i already know his life (he knows mine). Make the realizations and insights about his own life very self aware and sociologically, psychologically and spiritually relatable without being overly pretentious. Start with some short letters from early years and advance to present day letters.
Avoid writing structure and one liner cliches, everything must be original from the mind of the wittiest mythologycal

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